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There are a lot to choose from. Use our extensive roof repair guides to find a roofing contractor near you.

You’ll find listings for major cities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana below.

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What’s your roof repair issue? You may be facing any of a variety of roof problems, including storm damage, missing shingles, animal damage, or emergency roof repair.

roof-repair-squirrel-damageRoof repair businesses listed in these guides may do major and minor roof repair, roof replacement, as well as roof installation. Inquire at individual businesses for more details.

Roof Repair Business Listings


Find roof repair contractors in the Keystone State. Search our listings of Pennsylvania roofers below, for locations including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster County & more.

PA Roofers Map

  • Pittsburgh – Roof repair companies in the Steel City.  Also covers surrounding communities (see Greater Pittsburgh Roofers).
  • Harrisburg – Find roofing contractors in and around the state capital.
  • Philadelphia – PA’s largest city is home to a huge amount of roof repair businesses.  Locate a Philly roofer using this guide to roofing in Philadelphia and surrounding communities.
  • Lancaster – Find roofers in both Lancaster City and Lancaster County, including locations such as Ephrata, Elizabethtown, and Leola.  Also includes Amish Roofers.
  • York – Directory of roof repair businesses in and around York and York County.


Visit our extensive listings of roof repair companies across the Buckeye State. Search hundreds of roofers organized by Ohio city.

Ohio Roofers Map



Find a roof repair business in the Hoosier State.  Featuring dozens of roofers in major Indiana cities.

Indiana Roofers Map


  • Indianapolis
  • Fort Wayne – Listing of 30 roofing contractors in the Fort Wayne area.
  • Evansville
  • South Bend
  • Bloomington

Pinpointing your Issue

What does it take to fix a roof?  “Roof repair” can mean a number of things. It might be simple shingle replacement following a storm, or patching a leaky roof.  Or you may be looking at a more extensive replacement of a worn out or heavily-damaged roof.

Roof repair may mean general maintenance to prevent more costly problems later (sometimes addressing a minor problem can preclude a bigger one down the line).   It may mean emergency roof repair when a roof structure is compromised due to fire or a weather incident like a fallen tree during a hurricane. Roof repair companies focus on solving these problems for homeowners.

Common Roof Problems

You may be dealing with any variety of problems, including roof leaks, poor installation, missing shingles, ponding water, damaged flashing, or any of a wide variety of roof repair issues. Storm-related roof damage is common, including hail damage and destruction caused by hurricane and tornado strikes.

Roof repair specialists can help assess these problems and often provide free inspection and roof repair estimates.  To help evaluate roofing issues you may be facing, read our list of common roof problems.

Storm Damage Roof Repair
Storm damage can create an urgent need for roof repair. Aftermath of a tornado strike in Dexter, MI

Causes of Damage

Damage to roofs can be caused by a variety of factors.  Storm damage including hurricane damage and hail strikes are some of the most common causes.  In some cases you may be in need of emergency roof repair, as when a roof structure has been breached, exposing the home to infiltration by water and moisture.

Wind damage is another culprit.  High wind gusts can cause shingles to be ripped or torn loose as well as loosening nails, flashings (material, typically metal or plastic, used to waterproof joints and seams), and vents.

Fire can be another cause of roof damage, as in the case of attic fires.  Finally, animals may have caused your roof damage, including squirrels, raccoons, mice, “roof rats”, and birds such as sparrows, pigeons, and starlings, which can create issues related to bird nests and droppings.

Fixing Different Types of Roofs

The type of roof repair you need may vary depending on what kind of roof you have.

Slate Roof Repair
Some businesses specialize in slate roof repair and installation

Roofing materials vary widely, from the more typical to specialty materials. Common roof materials include:

  • Shingles, made from asphalt, wood, slate, rubber, stone, shake (made from split bolts of wood including cedar, pine, and redwood), and other materials
  • Metal roofing, including copper, tin, aluinum, stainless steel, zinc, and metal blends
  • Slate roofing.  The tough stone is a classic material but one of the most expensive roof coverings
  • Rubber roofing is a durable roof option which comes in roll, sheet or shingle form
  • Tile Roofing, including terra cotta ceramic/clay roofs and concrete tiles, can be among the heaviest roof materials

Your material and style of roof may affect which roof repair business you choose to work with.  Be sure to consider roofing companies with experience fixing your type of roof.

Finding the Right People for the Job

Finding a roof repair company for your home can be a challenge.  While we don’t offer recommendations of specific roofers, our goal is to help homeowners fix their roofs by organizing local roof repair businesses in one location, ordered by state and city to make information easier to find.

For each business, we also list basic useful information including contact info and services performed (according to information available online; be sure to verify with individual contractors).

Not sure which roof contractor to choose?  Use our guide to finding a roof repair contractor to help you decide.  Or try these roof repair resources to find contractor evaluations and helpful suggestions when taking on a new roof repair project.

Many cities are home to dozens of roofing companies.  If you’re looking for a roof repair company to work on your home, remember to do your due diligence.

Image credits: Roof squirrel- Gilles Gonthier/flickr; Tornado roof damage- ellenm1/flickr; Slate Roof Installation- Bryn Pinzgauer/flickr