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Roofers in Toledo

Looking for a roofing contractor in the Glass City? Our guide to nearly 3 dozen roofers in Toledo and its metropolitan area might be a good place to start. Browse the listings below for residential and commercial roofing contractors in Toledo and other towns and suburbs in the region.

Toledo Roofers

Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services
623 Burbank Drive
Toledo, OH
419 536 0027
Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services specializes in commercial and residential roofing, new roof installation, roof repair projects, gutters, waterproofing, windows, doors, skylights, siding, insulation, chimney repairs, kitchen/bathroom remodeling, home additions and more.

Manchester Roofing
5050 Bennett Road
Toledo, OH
419 269 1415
Manchester Roofing has been serving throughout Toledo area for 25 years already. Some of their services including commercial, industrial and residential roofing repairs, tear-offs, re-roofing and maintenance along with roofing inspections and 24 hours emergency repairs.

All Phase Building And Garages
5222 Tractor Road, Unit D-2
Toledo, OH
419 472 5853
All Phase Building And Garages is general construction and home improvement company that offers variety of roofing services including new roof installation, re-roofing and roofing repairs.

Toledo Roof Repair

Toledo contractors perform roof repair, replacement, and installation

Enterprise Roofing & Remodeling
Toledo, OH
419 248 3569
Enterprise Roofing & Remodeling is fully licensed and insured roofing company that provides commercial and residential services throughout Toledo and surroundings. They specialize in new roofing contractions, roofing repairs and replacement as well as siding, windows, gutters, downspouts, chimney repairs and home solution projects.

Holt Roofing Company
3947 Funston Street
Toledo, OH
419 478 2900
Holt Roofing Company is a family owned and operated, Toledo based business, established in 1947. They specialize in residential roofing and attic insulation projects along with commercial services. Some of their roof-related works including new roof installation, repairs, re-roofs and maintenance.


J.N.B. Roofing & Construction
3618 Plum Tree Court
Toledo, OH
419 474 3484‎
J.N.B. Roofing & Construction provide a variety of roofing solutions to choose form such as asphalt shingles, metal, Fiberglas shingles, flat roofs, rubber roofing systems and more. They also handle all kind of roof repair works including angled and flat roofs, all kind of shingle type repairs, leaky roof repairs and more. 24 hour emergency service and free roofing estimates also provided.

Jacobs Ladder
Toledo, OH
419 764 3771
Jacobs Ladder offers a range of roofing services. Some of their roof repair works including roof inspections, leaky roof repairs, damaged roof repairs, missing shingles, gutters repairs and more. They work with tile, slate, cedar and asphalt roofs along with handyman services, bathroom remodeling, hardwood flooring and gutter replacement.

Home Pro of N.W.O
5935 heatherdowns blvd.
Toledo, OH
419 720 8376
Home Pro has been serving to Greater Toledo communities for 12 years already. Company offers a broad selection of general construction works including roofing, windows, siding, insulation and gutters. Some of their roofing projects including new roof installation, roof repairs and replacement. They also provide a variety of roofing options to choose from (trim and shingle colors or flashing styles).

Radical Roofing
4521 Northcroft Ln
Toledo, OH
419 954 0114
Radical Roofing offers a vast selection of roofing, siding and home improvement works. Roof-related service including roof repairs, new construction, tear-offs, re-roofs, garage roofs, gutter works and more. Free estimate service also available.

Arnold’s Home Improvement
1770 Tremainsville Rd.
Toledo, OH
877 651 7663
Arnold’s Home Improvement specializes in roofing, siding, windows, gutters, insulation and storm damage repairs. New roof installation, roof repair, weather damage roof repairs and more available.

Tri-State Windows & Siding
Toledo, OH
419 478 6577
Tri-State Windows & Siding specializes in home improvement and remodeling services including windows, siding, roofing, gutters and one day bath installation. Roof repairs, cracked shingles, leaky roof repairs, tear offs, roof replacement and more available. Free estimate service available.

Salgau Roofing
301 Burger St
Toledo, OH
419 691 9641
Salgau Roofing offers a vast selection of roofing services including new roof installation, roof repairs, roof remodels, re-roofs done year round, tear-offs, roof coatings, different roofing systems installation and more. They work with different roof types such as asphalt, single PLY, ceramic tile, cedar, composite, slate, copper and rubber.

Premier Builders
1769 Willowhill Ln
Toledo, OH
419 794 5958
Premier Builders is Toledo based remodeling, roofing, restoration and new construction company that provides a vast selection of services including re-roofs, tear-offs, roof repairs, roof sheeting, new roofs, metal/flat/shingle roofing jobs along with general construction works, siding, gutters, sun rooms, basemen/bathroom/kitchen remodeling, water/wind/flood/fire damage restoration, repairs and more.

Gillette Roofing
Toledo, OH
419 491 4440
Gillette Roofing offers a vast selection of roof repair service such as skylight repair/replacement, valley repair, shingle replacement, crack, hole, tear repairs, flashing repair/replacement, leaky roof repairs, leaky pipes repairs, moss removal and more. Gillette Roofing has been serving to Toledo communities for over 30 years.

D.W. Roofing and Construction
4534 Penridge rd
Toledo, OH
419 351 9883
D.W. Roofing and Construction offers a vast selection of roofing works. Roof repair services including leaks repair on the shingles/flashing and roof, wicking leaks, damage wood repairs, storm damage repairs, re-roofs, new roof installation, tear-offs, roof cleaning, stain removal and much more.

A+ Building Maintenance & Home Repair
P.O. Box 398
Toledo, OH
419 478 1542
A+ Building Maintenance & Home Repair offers a range of services such as general repairs, remodeling and renovation, siding, masonry, snow removal, trash removal and more. Roof-related jobs including new roof installation and repairs, patch an existing roofs, troubleshoot roofing problems, re-seal works, gutters installation/cleaning/removal, downspouts jobs and more. Free roofing estimates also provided.

American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio
3618 Plum Tree Court
Toledo, Ohio
419 474 3955
American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio is Toledo based company that offers a wide selection of roof-related services including aluminum roofing, commercial and residential roofing, metal roofing, standing seam metal roofing, roof repairs, leaky roof repairs, new roof installation and replacement. They repair any kind of roof such as asphalt shingle, wood shingle, shakes, composition shingle, clay tile, concrete tile, metal and flat roofs.

Anchor Exterior
Toledo, OH
877 545 2620
Anchor Exterior offers roofing, siding and gutter repair and installation throughout Toledo, Cincinnati and Dayton areas. Some of their roof related works including roof repairs, installation, tear-offs along with free roofing inspections.

Residential Renovations
217 First Street
Toledo, OH
419 210 5760
Residential Renovations is locally owned and operated, Toledo based company with over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. Some of their roof-related services including new roof installation, roof repair, metal roofing, siding and gutter works. They also offer a variety of shingle types to choose form.

4 Guys & A Roof
23221 Pargillis Road
Perrysburg, OH
419 343 8648
4 Guys & A Roof has been serving throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan since 1998. They provide a vast selection of roofing services including roofing inspections, complete roofing services (sub-roof construction repairs, water, snow, ice barriers), roof line works, insulation, tear-offs, re-roofing, roofing repairs, new roofing constructions and much more. They work with shingle, flat and rubber roof types. 4 Guys & A Roof also offer a different roofing colors and options to choose from. Emergency roofing service and estimate available.

Maumee River Remodeling
P.O. Box 1320
Perrysburg, OH
419 279 8979
Maumee River Remodeling provides all kind of home improvement services such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, basement finishing, drywall/painting and hardwood works along with roof-related jobs such as new roofs installation and repairs, re-roofs, roof maintenance, shingle/cedar/metal/ roofs and much more.

Johnny’s Roofing
790 Ashbury Dr.
Perrysburg, OH
419 873 5444
Johnny’s Roofing specializes in commercial and residential new roof installation, roofing repairs, re-roofs and tear-offs. Free estimate service available.

Anderson Roofing & Home Improvement
P.O. Box 167257
Oregon, OH
Anderson Roofing & Home Improvement offers new roofing systems, re-roofs, roof repairs, storm damage repairs, leaky roof repairs, blown-off shingles, tear-offs, flashing installation and repairs, gutters removal/installation, vinyl siding and much more.

Masin Roofing
8840 Geiser Rd
Holland, OH
419 861 9820
Masin Roofing is Toledo based company that has been serving to commercial and residential customers already for 15 years. They provide a range of roofing jobs such as new roof installation, roof replacement, roof repairs, inspections and seasonal maintenance.

Dynasty Remodeling
Bowling Green, OH
419 686 1557
Dynasty Remodeling provides all kind of general construction jobs including roof replacement and repair, gutters cleaning/installation, siding, painting, kitchen/bathroom/basement remodeling, storm damage repairs, snow removal, free roofing estimates and more.

Harper Construction
Sylvania, OH
734 242 6678
Harper Construction is a family owned general construction company that has been serving throughout Toledo communities since 1987. They offer following services stone and masonry works, home improvement, and roofing jobs such as tear-offs, roof recovers, roof repairs, insulation systems installation and more.

Watts Roofing
11040 Grams Rd
Maybee, MI
734 564 5776
Watts Roofing offers a range of commercial and residential services such as new roof installation, repairs, maintenance, tear-offs, re-roofs, roofing renovations and more. They also provide siding and gutter work.

T. Lengel Home Improvement Consultant
5221 Seaman Road
Oregon, OH
419 442 7812
T. Lengel Home Improvement Consultant is a general construction and home improvement company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They offer such services as basement renovation, bathroom remodeling, concrete foundation repair, home construction, kitchen remodeling, siding, windows restoration and more. Roof-related works including roof repair, installation and replacement. Free estimates available.

Starkweather & Sons Roofing and Siding
12159 SH 108
Wauseon, OH
419 337 2116
Starkweather & Sons Roofing and Siding has been serving throughout Ohio, Michigan, Lucas County, Wood County, Toledo, Sylvania and Perrysburg since 1976. They offer a full range of roof-related services such as inspections, roof repairs, maintenance, roof replacement, re-roofing and new construction works. They work with following roof types flat, metal roofs, single ply, ceramic tile, shingles, wood shake and slate roofs. 24 hours emergency service available.

Image credits: Toledo skyline: Official US Navy Page/flickr; Shingle replacement – Brian Robinson/flickr